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In-Person Private Singing Lessons for beginners and more advanced singers

Can singing lessons improve your voice

In-person private singing lessons provide a personalized approach to improving your vocal technique. Sinead, will guide you every step of the way. For your convenience, we also offer the option of combining in-person and online lessons if attending in person becomes difficult for any reason. 

Drawing from a diverse range of skills acquired throughout my career and studies, including training under esteemed professionals such as Justin Stoney at New York Vocal Coaching, Line Hilton and Kaya Herstad from BAST Training, as well as my coaching diploma in Neuroscience, I offer a supportive and secure environment where individuals can discover their voice and express themselves freely. All ages, starting from 10 years old, are warmly welcomed.

People embark on the journey of learning to sing for various personal reasons. Whether seeking a sense of accomplishment, a new challenge, increased confidence, anxiety relief, sheer enjoyment, a standout performance piece, audition preparation, personal growth, or simply a refreshing change, the motivations are diverse. Whatever inspires your desire to sing.

Singing lessons are perfect for both beginners and more advanced singers.

Sinead will help you by designing vocal technique exercises that suit your vocal needs that are aimed at your skill level and enhance your voice, so you can sing the style of music you want to sing. 

Can even a bad singer become a good singer?

The great news is everyone can learn to sing, it may take some people a bit longer but with patience and a good mindset it can be fun and even those who consider themselves a bad singer can become much better with a few online classes. Sinead is here to support you every step of the way!

top rated singing teacher galway


I would highly recommend Sinead for singing lessons. I went to her to try and bring back my confidence and to learn. Sinead made me so comfortable, the classes were enjoyable and I learned loads along the way. If you are thinking of getting a vocal coach give Sinead a call. Jackie

Jackie Dawson

Sinead is a very encouraging and knowledgeable vocal coach with a supportive and nurturing teaching style

Conor Derver

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