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Terms & Conditions

Vocal Coaching

Sinead The singer hold in person and online vocal coaching on an individual basis.

The aim is to provide a safe environment in which people can develop vocal ability and knowledge of music in a dynamic, respectful and fun way.

Rules of attendance

  1. Sinead The Singer Vocal Coaching does not accept certain types of behaviour, e.g. bullying, violence, sarcasm, name-calling, favouritism, abusive language or gestures, negative criticism of values, beliefs and opinions, and negative highlighting of physical, social cultural or emotional differences, and will intervene to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all.

  2. Students should respect the premises, making an effort to leave the room clean and in good condition.

  3. Good behaviour and respect for the coach is essential. Respect for other students is also important, as disruptive behaviour can prevent others from learning.

  4. Sinead The Singer Vocal Coaching reserve the right to refuse re-enrolment if a student or parent is continually disruptive, causes damage to the school premises / equipment, or puts the safety of themselves or others at risk. Serious offenders could be at risk of losing their place at the school and / or term fees paid.

  5. In the case of vocalists under 18 years old, parents or guardians shall be notified and consulted in an attempt to rectify the situation before any disciplinary action is taken. After this if there is no improvement in behaviour, the School shall have the right to impose an appropriate penalty.

Paying Term fees

the initial 'Taster Lesson' must be paid prior to the lesson.

All subsequent lessons must be paid for in advance in blocks of 6 lessons. 

Fees may be paid online by bank transfer or by Revolut or cash. 

Late payments could result in a student losing a place.  Any special circumstances should be discussed with Sinead.

Missed Classes

If Sinead misses any of the following options may be offered

  1. The class will be re-scheduled pending the student’s availability,

  2. An extra week may be added to the current block of classes

  3. The cost of the class will be deducted from the price of the following term.

If a student misses a class this lesson will not be carried over unless under special circumstances. 

Lessons missed by students will NOT be made up.  Refunds are NOT given. On lessons missed by Sinead will be made up at the pupil & convenience or a refund/credit on next. Students are expected to be prompt to ensure the efficiency of the timetable. If you are running late please notify via a phone call or text. In most cases an extension of the allocated slot will not be possible. There will most likely be a student following your slot, please respect the allocated time for all concerned. Parents collecting children are asked to be prompt also as a disruption here can also affect the timetable for others. If I am running late, I will notify you as soon as possible and will make up the lost time at your convenience. As above, lessons missed by the pupil will not be made up nor any refunds given.
Sinead The Singer Vocal Coaching reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher when necessary. Notice of this will be given where possible.

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