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How much do singing lessons cost?

Singing lessons not only help you develop your vocal abilities but also offer numerous benefits for your overall well-being. Let me guide you on this journey to embark on your singing lessons adventure. Lessons can be taken online or in person, or a combination of both

Rates for 1-to-1 Singing Lessons:

Option 1

Six * 30-minute weekly sessions = €200


Option 2

Four * 45-minute weekly Sessions = €180 (Ages 15 upwards and adults only)


Option 3
One * 1hr one-off class Check availability here = €70

Embark on a Singing Journey Today!

Whether you're looking to pursue a singing career or simply want to enhance your vocal abilities as a hobby, singing lessons offer a transformative experience. Discover the joy of singing, improve your mental well-being, and unlock your full vocal potential. Contact me today to schedule a lesson and take the first step toward a fulfilling singing journey.


Sinead is great! Would recommend her to anyone looking for singing lessons

Leeann Devlin

Sinead exceeded my expectations of how effective singing lessons would be. She has a very affirming and encouraging style to her teaching and really gave me confidence to work on my pieces which I definitely lacked as a novice singer. I would highly recommend Sinead to anyone looking for a singing tutor!

Ann-Marie O'Donnell

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