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What do we cover in singing lessons

Let's see what we cover in our singing lessons! Whether you're just starting your singing journey or you're already rocking the stage, our lessons are all about helping you shine while singing your heart out. We'll go at your pace because your journey is unique.


First things first, we'll talk about good singing habits. It's like giving my vocal cords a cosy home to thrive in. We'll chat about how to keep my voice healthy and manage lifestyle choices that make my singing truly stand out.

Anxiety and Performance

Feeling those pre-performance jitters? Don't worry, we'll tackle stage fright together. We'll work on controlling those nerves and anxiety, so I can confidently step onto the stage and give a stellar performance.

Building Good Habits

Are you having a challenge getting the exact sound you want? No worries, together we'll work on specific vocal techniques, so you can build a healthy vocal routine to develop your voice for the sound you want. It's all about turning those vocal exercises into strong, polished notes during your songs

Developing your Singing Technique

When it's time for you to shine on stage, we've got the technical side covered too. We'll explore breath control, so I can hold those amazing notes. And let's not forget about posture – a secret ingredient for powerful vocals.

You know that awesome feeling when my voice effortlessly moves through different notes? We'll work on expanding your vocal range while making sure your unique sound stays intact. It's like unlocking new doors of vocal expression.

Learn to sing pitch perfect

Listening is an art too! We'll fine-tune your ears with exercises that help you recognize different pitches and harmonies. Say goodbye to singing off-key.

Connecting with yourself and the audience

You are a one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated human being and the way you sing a song can be imitated by others, but it will never be the same. When you sing it's not just singing words – you're telling a story. We'll dive into the world of acting and articulation to make my performance genuinely captivating. It's all about bringing emotion into my melodies.

Singing Auditions

Auditions? We've got that covered too. From selecting the perfect songs and creating impressive cuts to nailing the right outfit and crafting a standout CV, we're here to make auditions a breeze.

Keeping your voice healthy on a hectic schedule

On the road? Let's chat about surviving tours and gigs. Packing tips, and adjusting to new spaces – you'll be ready to tackle the performance journey with confidence.

Vocal Health

And last but not least, your vocal health matters. If you ever have concerns, I'll even help you find the right specialists if needed.

So, whether you're belting out my first note or hitting those high ones like a pro, always remember that your singing journey is unique to you. Each lesson is tailored to you because your voice deserves to be heard in all its glory. 🎶🌟

top rated singing teacher galway


Sinead is a fantastic teacher. She put me at ease, gave me confidence and I had the best fun too. Can’t recommend Sinead enough. Go for it!

Leona Me Evaddy

I found Sinead to be an amazing, highly professional singing teacher over the past year. Not only has my voice been trained and developed to be able to sing many genres of music but I have reached a new level of confidence. (If I ever get to do karaoke in Liverpool, you will be the first to know:))Thank you for all you have done for me and would love the opportunity to work together again in the future!

Rachel F

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