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Singing lessons in Galway or Online with Sinead Nic Gabhann

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Do you want to learn to sing?

I use a combination of vocal coaching with my diploma of coaching with Neuroscience to help people find their voice and express themselves in a non-judgemental, fun, safe and secure environment. All ages from 8 years up are welcome.


People choose to learn to sing for a whole variety of reasons, some people want to feel a sense of achievement or a challenge, build confidence, overcome anxiety, for fun, to develop a party piece, go to auditions, personal development or just to change things up a little! Whatever your reason for yearning to sing, why not give yourself a block of six lessons and see what you can learn. Lessons can be, private 1 to 1, online or in person, completely confidential, group classes will commence in Sept 2022.

No previous experience or ability to read music is necessary, just bring your voice box, a song you'd like to work on and an open mind!!

Feel free to ask Sinead about what voice training lessons involve and how she might be able to help you realise your singing goals. 

Do you want to do graded singing exams?

Sinead offers students the opportunity to explore grades with the Royal Irish Academy of music and Rockschool

A Rockschool Vocal Grade will not only improve your singing ability, but expand your technical proficiency, grasp of music theory and appreciation of some of the most influential songs from the past five decades. As a student of music, you will improve your chances in auditions and competitions, whilst elevating your ability to write your own songs in the process.

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Singing Lessons

Has singing always been a dream or goal?? Let's make it happen.

  • When you sing your brain releases 'Feel Good' chemicals including endorphins

  • It's proven to relieve stress 

  • Learn to express yourself

  • Build your confidence

  • There are many other reasons to take the plunge and get a few singing lessons.

  • Choose from both Online and Offline or even a blend of both.

I am a certified BAST singing teacher so you can rest assured you're in safe hands!

For 1 to 1 classes

1hr Taster lessons is €70

Six - 30 min lessons is €180 - saving €30 - A block of 6 lessons is recommended so that you can really hear and feel your progress. 

What happens in a singing lesson?

Singing is all about fun and feeling good, so this is the main objective. We will begin by having a chat about what you music and songs you'd like to improve on. Then we will do some warm up exercises and scales and then you can sing a song. Then we can begin to work on where we feel improvements can be made and learn some techniques to help. 

Every student is different and as a result the lessons will be tailored to your needs and aspirations. 

So if you feel singing lessons are for you, please get in touch and let's start your journey!!

Graded exams may be completed with the Royal Irish Academy of Music or Rockschool

For Group Online Vocal Coaching

Please register your interest for group lessons and I will be back in touch as soon as I have details. Online group classes are due to commence in Sept 2022. 

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Sinead is offering singing lessons in Galway in her voice studio or online via Zoom.