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Zoom audio for singing lessons.

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Can you do singing lessons online? Of course you can! Can you do these lessons with top quality audio? You bet! Singing lessons are fun for everyone, it’s time to find out how to make your audio the best it can be on Zoom.

Below are instructions for making the audio sound better over Zoom for music purposes. These settings are mainly for Apple devices, however, they also apply to Windows and Android, but differ slightly for those devices.

Firstly, you enable Use Original Audio before starting a meeting. This is in Zoom’s meetings settings. Before you enter a meeting, you need to enable the 'Use Original Sound' option. It is in Zoom's Meeting settings. Then, when in a meeting, simply turn on original audio.

Step 1: Visit the settings tab on Zoom

Without starting a meeting, open Zoom. Click settings. An icon appears that looks like a gear. For iPad and iPhone, this is on the bottom right. For Windows, Android and other devices, this is generally in the top left corner. This is the first step in making your audio the best it can be!

Step 2: Visit the ‘Meetings’ tab

Go to Zoom meeting settings. This is the second step, the meetings tab can generally be found on the Zoom homepage!

Step 3: Navigate and switch on "Use Original Sound"

Scroll down on your device until you find Use Original Audio. Turn this on.

Step 4: Turn on "Original Sound" when you are in a Zoom meeting

Step 5: How to enable ‘Original Audio’ for Mac

If you don’t have an Apple device and instead have Windows or Android, the instructions are quite similar, as stated below, but may be displayed differently.

Open up your Zoom app and scroll to the preferences section.

Then, under the Audio section, turn off the setting for ‘Automatically adjust microphone volume”. After doing this, you then set the setting for ‘Suppress background noise’, to low.

For the next step, you must then select the ‘Advanced’ tab, here, it is important you ensure that you enable the setting for ‘Show in-meeting option to enable original sound’. By not doing this, you will not be able to use the original audio.

After doing this, once you are on a Zoom meeting, you will see the option to ‘Enable Original Sound’, this is usually located in the top left corner.

Sinead Nic Gabhann is both an experienced and professional Voice teacher who has helped people from all walks of life with their vocal coaching. Whether you are a beginner or you are quiet experienced in the music industry, you are sure to benefit in some way from Sinead’s coaching. Offering singing lessons, both online and in person, located in Galway, Ireland, why hesitate? Start your music journey today!

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