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Singing might be the answer to your stress!!

There are so many reasons to consider taking up singing as a hobby! You don't need to be auditioning for anything of yearning to go on the stage. Maybe you enjoy singing in the shower and just for your own entertainment, and the verdict is in, singing helps with stress, but how??

Breathing the stress away with a song!

Scientists say that singing can have a calming but energizing effect on people. Very often, just the act of breathing deeply can help us to regulate and get our thoughts into perspective. Take some deep breaths now and see what effect it has on your thinking. Breathing is a natural mood enhancer, and of course, it's essential to think about your breath when you are singing.

Embrace your inner child while learning to sing

When life gets you down, it's probably because you're not having enough fun! When you're a kid you don't care and kids make all sorts of crazy noises to explore and express themselves. When we are learning to sing we go all the way through our vocal range making all sorts of sounds and this feeling can be very liberating. Through exploring these new sounds it releases endorphins associated with feelings of pleasure as well as stimulates the release of oxytocin, a hormone that is found to alleviate anxiety and stress.

Express your feelings through singing

It is very important to feel your feelings, and songs can really help us do this. Have you ever felt drawn to a particular song during a particular life event, and it has helped you express your feelings? Maybe when you were a teen in your bedroom and after a break-up you cried along to a song and knew every lyric. This is one of the most beautiful things about singing, it can help us express emotion that might otherwise get locked away.

Feelings of achievement help your overall anxiety levels

Very often, a lack of self-satisfaction or achievement can make us feel anxiety and depression. A feeling that we are not progressing. With learning to sing with a vocal coach, we can quickly see results and that can really increase our sense of self-worth and ability to achieve. These lessons can then be applied to other parts of our lives.

Whatever your reason for choosing to go to a vocal coach, the benefits are endless. Embrace your inner child, get ready to rock in the shower, or plan to take to the stage at the next party you attend and WOW everyone with your new skill.

If you'd like some singing lessons in person in Galway or online please get in touch

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